Giving back to our community

Ever since we started this business it has been important to us to be an active part of the community we work in – to give back in a meaningful way to improve the world around us.

Markow Foundation Family launch, January 2024

The Markow Family Foundation

In January of 2024, Dan Markow realized a long-held desire to create the Markow Family Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to enriching and transforming the lives of children and their families who face adversity. Driven by Dan’s commitment to making a profound difference, the foundation pledges to utilize every contribution received from his Sterling companies, collectively known as The Markow Companies Inc, to uplift and develop the lives of these children and families.

Along with our principal focus, the foundation proudly builds upon the historical and current efforts of the Sterling Companies. In addition to our commitment to children, it actively engages in initiatives such as food drives, fundraising for veterans, contributing to local organizations for cancer research, and extending support to other causes in line with our core mission. To further our mission,  we seek collaborations with organizations that champion the causes of children facing various adversities.

By embracing a comprehensive approach to philanthropy, we aim to create a lasting impact on the lives of children and communities, ensuring a brighter and more equitable future for all.

Visit the Foundation’s website for more information.

Sterling Donates Peanut butter and Jelly to the Merrimack Valley Food Bank 2024

We believe in our community

Ever since we started business it has been important to us to be an active part of the community we work in – to give back in a meaningful way to improve the world around us.

The success of our business has allowed us to organize and participate in many activities that go on in our area. Our business itself puts us in a unique position to give back in certain ways that benefit a number of worthy organizations. As we grow, we are always looking for ways to grow the community involvement of our organization.

Sterling equipment and furniture donations

Very often, when a customer moves, reorganizes, or has a decommissioning project, there is equipment and furniture that is either replaced or is no longer needed. If it is in good, re-usable condition we donate it to organizations such as “The Furniture Trust” and the “Restore”. These groups either ensure the furniture finds a new home with a non-profit organization or it is sold, and the proceeds go towards their non-profit work and community-based projects.

Organizations we support:

Some of the organizations we have donated to include:

  • Hudson Memorial School, Hudson,NH
  • Town of Chelmsford Police Department
  • Urban College of Boston
  • Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts
  • Dracut High School
  • Charlotte Avenue School, Nashua NH
  • Thom Anne Sullivan Early Childhood Programs, Lowell, MA
  • Project New Hope, Leicester, MA
  • Grafton Public Schools
  • Milford Police Department, Milford, MA
  • Haverhill Public Schools, Haverhill, MA
  • Providence Police Department, Providence RI


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