The Value of a Single Source for Multiple Services

Locations in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. We are a New England company with a national reach.

Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, Sterling was contacted by a large manufacturer of medical devices in Eastern Massachusetts.

The Initial Need: Warehousing and Transportation

As a manufacturer of ventilators, they were required to ramp up production at a record pace. The ventilators needed to be transported from their production facility in the Midwest to a holding facility in Massachusetts for testing. They then needed to be transported to and from the testing facility and lastly, await shipment to their final destinations. While initially storing product in-house, with over 11,000 ventilators, they quickly realized they required transportation services, a large amount of outside warehousing and a vendor with the capacity to manage the complicated scheduling involved.


The Initial Solution:

After contacting a number of companies, they quickly settled on Sterling for a number of reasons:

  • Our capacity as a provider of specialized logistics services locally and throughout the U.S.
  • The proximity and availability of flexible, short and long-term Warehousing
  • Sterling’s proprietary Warehouse Management System (WICS); a feature rich tool for monitoring the storage and movement of inventory

Sterling was able to provide both the long and short distance transportation they required, hold everything in our secure warehouses, and manage the scheduling for moving items on the tight schedule they required due to the critical need of the ventilators.

Building a Partnership

The Need:

With most of their employees now working from home, they next decided to undertake a number of renovations to their 200,000 square foot office and research space. They were looking for a company to work with them to plan and execute a wing-by-wing clear out in order to paint and upgrade the carpeting and furniture.

After we had successfully met their initial warehousing and logistics requirements and impressed them with a quick and flexible response to all their needs, they realized Sterling could be a valuable partner to help them achieve these next endeavors.

They reached out to their project manager who brought in the Office Services Division. After reviewing the objectives, budget, and timeframe, Sterling presented a comprehensive plan that would pave the way to achieve all their goals.

Services Required:

  • Long and Short-Term Warehousing
  • Inventory Management
  • Transportation
  • Moving
  • Pre and Post Move Packing
  • Modular Furniture Installation /Disassembly
  • Office Technology Disconnect/Reconnect

The Solution

  • Packing– Since employees were working from home, our crews packed the contents of each workstation and sent it into storage for the duration of the project, returning everything upon completion.
  • Moving – Furniture and equipment was safely secured/protected before being moved out and placed into a temporary staging area to be moved back as each wing was completed.
  • Installation – Both standard and modular office setups were disassembled and packed up to be re-installed upon completion of the renovation.
  • Computer Disconnecting & Reconnecting – Removing and re-installing monitors, peripherals, and other office technology.
  • Warehousing – In addition to the initial ventilator project and the refurbishment project, they have a continued need for storage. To date that need consists of over 376 pallets of materials.

Next steps:

  • Continue to warehouse excess materials and leave the inventory management to Sterling.
  • Use Sterling for Trade Show Logistics.
  • Engage the Office Services Division for routine in- house moving needs to accommodatenew and updated space requirements
  • Manage the receipt of new equipment such as lab benches; storage, and installation at new andupdated labs.

The Sterling Advantage:

Professionalism – We are committed to every customer’s needs and offer our quick, responsive service. Due to the demand for ventilators and the unprecedented conditions this company found itself in, there were a number of last-minute requirements and updates they were challenged with in order to succeed. In every case, these were responded to promptly by the Sterling (or our) support team and were successfully accommodated.

Efficiency – Having every service under one umbrella to save time. With dedicated project managers who know the company and how it works, every question or need is quickly addressed and met.

Cost Savings – “Bundling” all their service needs with one company, creates a significant cost reduction over multiple vendors. Having them all with Sterling means they have this cost savings while receiving unmatched customer service.

Project Management – The customer makes one call to their Project Manager and provides the details of their current need. We then communicate the plan and manage the execution, allowing them peace of mind, knowing everything is in good hands and will be done to their satisfaction as usual.