What to Look for When Outsourcing Cold Storage & Biorepository Services

What to Look for When Outsourcing Cold Storage and Biorepository Services


Tips and helpful information on what to look for when outsourcing cold storage and biorepository services to support life sciences fields, such as medicine, genetics, and biotechnology.

Biorepositories exist to support the critical infrastructure needed for research in various life sciences fields, such as medicine, genetics, and biotechnology.  These necessary facilities are essential for storing and managing biospecimens under secure, optimal conditions that maintain their integrity while adhering to a host of regulatory standards.

Because of the stringent requirements involved, it is often efficient and cost-effective to seek an outside source to be a partner in meeting biorepository needs.

The Advantages of a Biorepository Maintained by an Outside Company

By partnering with the right company for biorepository needs, a company gains:

  1. Stability and Viability: A well-run biorepository will ensure the biological specimens maintain their integrity and are readily available for research. This will maximize the life span of valuable biological assets.
  2. Standardization: Consistent storage conditions and procedures ensure reproducibility in scientific research and development.
  3. Compliance and Safety: Properly managed biorepositories adhere to regulatory standards that improve the safety of stored materials. When those standards are updated and changed, the facility upgrades will be handled by the partner.
  4. Cost-Effectiveness: By centralizing resources, biorepositories reduce the overhead costs associated with the storage and management of biological materials.
What to Look for in a Well-Developed Biorepository:
  • Controlled Environment: The storage facilities maintain specific temperatures and humidity conditions tailored to the needs of the specimens in storage. Real-time monitoring is done 24/7 and records are available for review as required.
    • Strict maintenance of room environments to prevent contamination.
  • Security: Robust physical and digital security controls in place to safeguard data management systems and prevent all unauthorized entry
  • Data Management: Sophisticated information systems are employed to efficiently handle real-time tracking, management, and retrieval of specimen data
  • Compliance with FDA and other regulatory bodies
  • Personnel trained and adept in cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) practices
  • Documentation of all systems ready and available for review and sample traceability
  • Comprehensive emergency response plans.
  • Quality Control: Regular audits and updates to:
    • SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) ensuring compliance with the latest standards
    • Risk management frameworks
    • Processes in order to flag and implement improvements
Other Important Considerations
Flexible and Scalable cGMP Storage Solutions / Customizable Solutions

The biotech industry requires cGMP storage solutions that are flexible and scalable to meet evolving regulatory and operational needs. Additionally, since every biotech company’s needs are unique, flexibility and scalability are essential critical components, offering the customizable solutions needed to match specific storage requirements. These solutions should:

  • Adapt to changing regulations and scientific advancements.
  • Support scalability to accommodate varying sample volumes and types.
  • Ensure the integrity and safety of biological materials through continuous monitoring and state-of-the-art technology.
Innovation and Sustainability

Innovation is vital to maintain the efficiency and sustainability necessary to develop preservation technologies that reduce energy use. Adopting centralized storage and automation methods is needed to lower costs and minimize human error. Implementing appropriate green policies further promotes sustainability in the life sciences industry.

By finding a biorepository with these qualities, not only will an organization preserve and safely store its biological materials, but it will also be able to rest easy knowing its biorepository service provider maintains best practices while adapting to the constantly changing biotechnological research and regulatory requirements as they appear.

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