Sterling offers the planning, management, and skill that are critical for technology moving projects and server room logistics



Moving your technology is an incredibly involved process. It requires flawless planning and coordination. Sterling has the experience working with IT departments to create and execute the precise plan for your timeframe and budget.

Technology moving experts

A long history of large server moves

We have been moving technology and data centers since their inception. As these projects have grown in complexity, so has our ability to handle them.


The flexibility to adapt to changing needs

We are experts at factoring in a host of unexpected needs and variables such as adjustments to scheduling and last-minute changes. We anticipate these challenges and adjust as they arise, arriving at a solution that is optimal for our customers.


Knowledgeable crews trained in handling fragile technology

Sterling crews have in-depth training and expertise in handling delicate equipment. You can rest easy knowing yours will receive the care and proper attention to ensure safe transport.


Detailed inventory control

Inventorying your hardware is one of the primary steps in this type of project. Our systems have the capabilities to monitor your inventory at every step in the process. If you require storage in our secure warehouses, our proprietary technology provides a powerful set of tools to manage and track your offsite inventory.

Sterling has the capacity and proven track record to ensure that your equipment arrives at its new destination safely. Our history of success is unparalleled in the industry.

  • Office Moving Services
  • Modular Furniture Installation
  • Building Decommissioning and Cleanup
  • Project and Move Management
  • Desktop Technology Disconnecting and Reconnecting
  • Warehousing and Storage
  • Inventory Management
  • Packing Services
  • Shelving, Racking, and Caging

In-Depth Planning

Your move manager has the skill and knowledge to coordinate all the stakeholders, priorities, and scheduling requirements to create a cohesive plan that can be smoothly executed. Once the plan is in place, they will assign all the manpower and services required with a  focus on minimizing disruption and down-time while remaining on-budget.

Shipping Your Equipment Long Distance

Our specialized transportation and white glove services provide secure, reliable shipping of high value items. Every truck in our fleet is equipped for the safe, reliable transport of sensitive equipment. We offer a variety of premium shipping services, as well as fully coordinated first and final mile pick-up and delivery. Find out more information on our Specialty Freight transportation.

Our Dedicated Project Managers

Every project is assigned a dedicated manager experienced in large technology relocations. They will work with you throughout the entire process – from planning to follow up, coordinating schedules and resources, while addressing all your concerns. You will receive the support to ensure every need is met and every item arrives safely and in the same condition it started on its journey.

Proper Disposal of Materials – Adherence to Chain of Custody Protocols

Sterling follows all procedures for the proper disposal of sensitive data media; from the initial receipt of assets documented for your records, to providing certificates of destruction. We ensure that all requirements for secure disposal will be carried out to your satisfaction. We have processes in place to recycle everything possible and strive to make sure nothing ends up in a landfill.


We’re ready and waiting to help you move your project forward.

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