With our highly trained crews, specialized equipment, and customized transportation, Sterling is a premier provider of secure lab moves and relocation services

Secure Lab Moves and Biotech Logistics Services

Biotechnology and Life Sciences

Our custom designed trailer is equipped to optimize safe handling and temperature controls for secure cold chain logistics management throughout your move.

Secure Lab Moves and Biotech Logistics Services

Over 25 Years of Experience

With over 25 years of experience working alongside customers in the life sciences, Sterling has mastered the in-depth planning and procedures needed to securely handle sensitive, technical equipment and materials, and the regulatory standards involved.

Secure Lab Moves and Biotech Logistics Services

Dedicated trained personnel

Our team has received many hours of training covering security, regulations, and best practices for the safe handling of biological materials and lab assets. Regular training updates ensure we remain knowledgeable of all revised standards and practices.

Custom trailer with the temperature controls, dual generators, & real-time monitoring for safe transport of biological materials.

Customized critical systems

Our trailer has been designed with temperature controls, dual generators, and real-time monitoring crucial to the safety and integrity of all your biological materials during transport and storage.

Secure Lab Moves and Biotech Logistics Services

Back up freezers / short and long-term storage

Sterling has back-up freezers available for all jobs as well as the capability for long-term storage through our partner who has over 10 years of experience in off-site storage solutions. They are a premier biostorage facility with 24/7 monitoring and multiple levels of redundancies.

We have worked with the Biotech industry since its inception and have the special skills and training critical for the safety and success of lab moves and  life science projects.

Temperature Control and Monitoring

With constant live monitoring through alarmed wireless systems, you have real-time access to the information collected via a secure on-line portal. Post-move documentation of all data collected en route is available for your records.

Generators and Reefer Unit

Built in Kohler® generators provide emergency backup power with dual voltage capacity (110/220). Our reefer unit maintains trailer refrigeration and air circulation at the required temperatures.

Special Equipment

  • 6,600 lb self-leveling lift gate to securely move for street level loading
  • 8’ x 8’ platform gate
  • A full array of equipment including hood lifts and lift tables designed to ensure safe moving
  • Special crating designed by Sterling for HPLC and LCMS equipment

Regulatory Compliance

Sterling is fully compliant with all federal and state regulations.


Your complete solution for Lab and Biotechnology services.

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