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Every organization’s relocation requirements are different. Let Sterling provide a tailored solution to meet all those needs.

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Sterling’s relocation and logistics solutions are built on decades of experience in key industries. Our experts understand the unique challenges that face your organization.

Healthcare relocation services

Hospitals and Healthcare providers have a number of complex requirements that must be planned for during a relocation. The entire process must be centered around reducing the impact on patient services while ensuring everything arrives at the new location safely.

Sterling’s experienced and professional crews will show the proper consideration and care required to move all your delicate, valuable equipment.


  • Careful handling of delicate medical equipment
  • Detailed Move management
  • Disassembly and assembly of exam room furniture
  • Shipping of medical machinery – short or long distance
Library relocation services

Unlike standard commercial moves, academic and educational facilities involve many specialized moves all wrapped up in one: classrooms, food service, dining, libraries, labs, dorms, and the list goes on. Sterling has a proven track record of successfully coordinating and addressing all of these specific needs.


  • Assemble classroom, library, and dorm furniture
  • Long and short-term storage
  • Installation of COVID-19 safety equipment (Plexiglass dividers, etc.)
  • Conduct work during off hours and vacation times
Biotech relocation services and cold chain logistics using our custom made biotech trailer

Relocating laboratory and life science facilities requires a company that has the expertise and equipment critical to handle these specialized projects and their many unique considerations. Sterling has over 60 years of experience successfully moving all types of laboratory and life science organizations along with their fragile, high-end, technical equipment and sensitive materials.

We are one of the few companies in New England with our own custom designed trailer equipped to optimize safe handling, temperature controls, and secure cold chain logistics management from start to finish.


  • Specialized equipment and crating
  • Dedicated trained team specializing in handling lab assets
  • Back up freezers and long-term storage
  • Compliant with all State and Federal regulations for transporting biological materials
Technology moving services and specialized transportation

Technology companies require meticulous planning and coordination with IT teams. Careful attention to handling large, delicate, equipment such as servers, is an integral part of these moves. A minimum of downtime, usually in off-hours such as nights, weekends, and holidays is often required. Sterling has over 30 years of experience moving and shipping data centers across country.


  • A long history of large server moves
  • Knowledgeable crews trained in handling fragile technology
  • Detailed inventory control
  • Proper disposal of materials – adherence to chain of custody protocols
Over 60 years providing office moving services to the New England business community

Office relocations affect everyone in an organization. Everything must be accounted for and properly handled, while minimizing disruption. Communication is also key since every employee needs to know their part in the process and schedules must be closely adhered to. It is important to work with a company with the expertise and track record to make sure your needs are met and can communicate the process to everyone from CEO to facilities manager.


  • Pre-move planning with all stakeholders
  • Scheduled meetings to educate employees on the move process
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Installation and dismantling of office furniture
The manufacturing and warehouse relocation experts!

Moving a manufacturing facility is a sensitive endeavor that requires expertise and precision. Sterling excels in the thorough management and communication required to meet the complexities of these relations. We work closely with your team to develop and implement a well-coordinated plan to ensure that all your equipment is handled safely and accurately placed, while not interrupting normal operations. This can include moves during off hours or sequential moves needed to maintain productivity.


  • Full stockroom packing and unpacking
  • Coordinate rigging for large equipment
  • Comprehensive inventory management
  • Precise planning according to required specifications

Sterling has worked with many other industries creating a host of innovative solutions for our customer’s unique needs.

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