How to Forward Your Mail

Forwarding Your Mail When Moving to a New Home

It is very important to forward your mail when you move to a new home. While you will send out announcements to family, friends, and important business contacts, it may take a while for them to receive it and inevitably, some important contacts will be accidentally omitted.

Change of address Through the United State Postal Service

The best and easiest way to forward your mail when you move is to simply go online to or visit your local post office. For a permanent change of address, this will ensure all your mail gets to you for one year. If your move is temporary (from 15 days to 1 year), you can indicate the time frame. This covers everything you receive from the USPS, letters, bills, packages, and yes, junk mail too.

To Make the Change online:

  • Select the Quick Tools tab and select “Change my Address” and this will take you to a page “Official USPS Change-of-Address”.
  • Simply fill out the form.
  • There is a $1.05 charge and you will need a valid email address and credit or debit card. The charge is used to verify your identity.

Your mail will be forwarded starting the date entered on the form and will begin arriving at your new address within 7-10 business days of your change of address date. Additionally, you will receive a welcome package to your new address containing helpful coupons!

Premium Forwarding Service Residential® Service

This is a temporary service that can be used for up to a year. It is really intended as a service for those who will be out of town for a lengthy time period but under 1 year i.e., a summer home. PFS-Residential® Service provides a single weekly shipment of all mail for a residence via Priority Mail® service for a fee. It is $20.10 to enroll online ($21.90 to enroll in person) and $21.90 for each week of service. The application can be accessed at: or just visit your local Post Office.

  • To apply online go to From the Receive tab select “Forwarding Mail”. Scroll down and click on the link to “Premium Forwarding Services”. From here you see all the options and links to forms.

Forwarding Your Mail to a PO Box or Personal Mailbox

If you are not certain of your new address, you can open a PO box or personal mailbox and begin forwarding your mail immediately. Search for the most convenient PO box provider available, the USPS provides PO boxes and other services such as The UPS Store can provide you with a personal mailbox. You can set these up online or in person. Then fill out a standard change of address form forwarding your mail to the new box.

Forwarding your mail when moving is a necessary backup to contacting family, friends, and important business contacts such as banks, creditors, medical providers, etc. It will give you the time you need to reach everyone and ensure you continue to receive all your important mail.