Sterling’s green initiatives address the larger issues we face on a global scale. We are working locally to act as a model for reuse, recycling, and safe disposal.


We are focused on sustainability

By making environmentally focused practices part of our day-to-day activities, we are working locally to act as a model for reuse, recycling, and safe disposal. As new and better methods evolve, we look to include those and grow our green initiatives. Our goal is to play our part in addressing the larger issues we face on a global scale, while being a good corporate citizen in the area where we do business. The waste hierarchy is a set of globally recognized priorities for the efficient use of resources. It sets out a positioning of options for managing waste in terms of what is best for the environment. We have actively recycled in our office, and enacted energy efficiencies within our facility for many years. Sterling is well placed to implement programs that address specific levels within this established waste hierarchy.



Plastic Crates Replacing Cardboard Boxes: For the last 25 years, we have used plastic crates rather than cardboard boxes for many of our relocations. We estimate during that time we have used over 1.25 million plastic crates rather than 1.88 million cardboard boxes. This has reduced our carbon footprint by 8.28 million lbs. and saved approximately 29,000 trees. During the pandemic we have reverted to more single-use cardboard boxes for the health of our customers. We recycle these as much as possible and will return to plastic crates as soon as it is safe to do so.



Furniture: Furniture that is in good, re-usable condition is donated to organizations such as “The Furniture Trust” and the “Restore”. This includes both wooden furnishings as well as metal shelving, caging, and racking. These groups either donate this furniture to nonprofit organizations or sell it and use the proceeds for nonprofit work and community-based projects.



Computers / Electronics: E-waste is taken to an authorized recycling center. Certificates can be supplied to a customer proving that all materials were handled appropriately.

Wood: Any wood items which are not reusable are brought to the recycling center where they are crushed into pulp to be used to make new products.

Cardboard / Plastic: Cardboard boxes, packaging material waste, and plastic wrap used during the relocation process are all recycled. They are returned to our warehouse to be bundled and sent to recycling facilities.

Metals: All metal items which are not reusable are brought to a metal recycling facility to be recycled.

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