Getting to Know Your New Area


You have successfully completed your move and you have begun to settle into your new home. Now it is important to get to know your new area. One of the best ways to do that is to locate a few important locations you will certainly need to become familiar with. These include:

  • Local grocery stores
  • Drug stores
  • Gas stations
  • Big box stores
  • The bank – whether you need a new bank or you just need to found the local branch/ATM of your existing bank
  • The post office
  • Your doctors’ offices – You will need to find a local doctor, dentist, and optometrist. It is better to find those now before you need them. If you have pets, you will need to find a new veterinarian as well.
  • Hospitals and Urgent Care Clinics – It is definitely good to know these. Hopefully you won’t be needing their services, but it’s always better to have that info on hand before an emergency.
  • Your Children’s School – Knowing ahead of time will make registering, pick-up and drop-off planning go smoothly.

Once you have these basics down you will want to explore and discover the local restaurants, shopping, parks, libraries, gyms, etc. Becoming familiar with your new area, discovering the interesting places and fun activities available, can be one of the more pleasant aspects of moving.