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Commercial Moves




Q: Is there a charge to receive a quote for my move/project?
A: No. This is always free of charge. Our Project Managers will either visit your site in person or review the project virtually. They will discuss all your needs and provide you with a detailed plan that outlines all the work and estimated costs.

Q: How are supplies and equipment billed out?
A: There is no charge for the use of our equipment. Materials are billed out as required (plastic wrap, computer bags, etc.).




Q: Can you schedule work after normal business hours or on weekends?
A: Yes. Our scheduling is flexible and can accommodate your needs. We realize it is important to minimize downtimes for a variety of reasons and work with you to create a timetable that is best for you.

Q: Do you have the capacity for large jobs?
A: Yes. As the largest mover in New England, our size allows us to perform many projects, large and small, simultaneously. We never reschedule any customer in order to service a single large relocation, as many other moving companies have to.


Preparing for a Move


Q: Will you need to speak with all of our employees or just the management and/or move team?
A: It’s completely up to you. It is always preferable to speak to all employees in a move meeting – that way we can answer everyone’s questions and make sure that everyone knows what is expected of them. If that’s not possible, it is perfectly fine to speak with the managers and/or move team and they can disseminate the information.

Q: How far in advance is the typical move meeting and what information is covered?
A: Every move is different, but typically the pre-move meeting occurs about a week and a half before the actual move date. We also aim to have all moving materials delivered at that time. During the meeting the project manager reviews the schedule, packing/labeling, answers all questions, etc.


Computers and Servers


Q: Do you move workstation computer equipment?
A: Yes, we do! We will disconnect all the desktop technology in your current space and reconnect everything in the new. We have handled jobs of all size including thousands of workstations and large server rooms.

Q: What is your process for discarding old IT equipment? Do you have a secure process for its disposal?
A: Yes. We have several partners for properly discarding e-waste. Certified destruction of hard drives and servers is available.




Q: If we have already packed cardboard boxes, do we need to repack everything into crates if the they are provided?
A: No, we do not require it.

Q: Do file cabinets have to be emptied or can they be moved full?
A: Shorter 2 and 3 drawer file cabinets can be moved full, but for larger 4 and 5 drawer cabinets, we would prefer that you empty them.

Q: We have racks of wire shelving. Will they be disassembled or moved intact?
A: We can move most racks of shelving intact, but can disassemble and reassemble them if necessary.

Q: What type of equipment is used in a move?
A: We have a variety of equipment and materials. These include:

  • Dollies
  • Computer/Machine Carts: They are typically loaded and then pad-wrapped and shrink-wrapped
  • Library Carts
  • Cbins
  • Pallet Jacks
  • Die Lifts / Safe Jacks




Q: We have useable furniture and equipment we no longer need and would like to donate it. Do you handle that?
A: Yes, we do!

Q: How does that work?
A: When we carry out a decommissioning project that includes a donation of unwanted furniture, we conduct a walkthrough and create an inventory of items to be removed. After that, we begin the process of matching up possible donations to ensure re-use of the furniture to any partner non-profits, start-ups, organizations, etc.

Q: What happens to items that are not donated?
A: Nothing ever ends up in a landfill, and if some items are not appropriate for donation, they are recycled. For more information on our recycling program, visit our Green Initiatives page.





Q: Do you transport loose/unpackage equipment?
A: Yes. Our drivers can pad and secure loose items so they will arrive at their destination safe and intact.

Q: Are you an asset-based carrier?
A: Yes. We operate our own fleet and partner with CRST, a $1.5 billion transport carrier with a network spanning all of the USA and Canada.

Q: Do you offer full truckload as well as LTL truckload services?
A: We can move anything from a single piece to as many truckloads as you require. Whatever your shipping needs, we have the trucks and the drivers to get the job done.

Q: Do you offer white glove service?
A: Yes. Our specialized freight teams provide white glove service and will remove any debris associated with the delivery. If your shipment does not require that level of detailed service, we also offer inside pickup and delivery.

Q: Do you offer lift gate service?
A: Yes. We offer lift gate service in both 53’ trailers as well as 24’-26’ straight trucks.

Q: What happens if my item(s) is too big for a moving team to move?
A: We have partnered with a number of well-respected riggers across the USA and will work with them to ensure your shipment is safely moved and transported.

Q: Can you handle large items that are too large to fit in a tractor trailer?
A: Yes. We have an extensive network of flat beds and step deck trucks that can handle oversized items.

Q: Can your delivery teams provide installation and de-installation?
A: Yes. For many items such as furniture and lab equipment, they can provide a moderate level of installation.

Q: Can I track my shipment?
A: Yes. CRST has real-time driver and freight tracking. Our on-line portal with state-of-the-art tracking technology allows you to check on the progress and location of your shipment 24/7.



Residential Moving




Q: How far in advance should I schedule my move?
A: As far in advance as possible is the short answer. This really varies according to the size of your move and the time of year. The summer is the busiest season and a mover’s schedules can fill quickly. A large interstate move might require 2 months’ notice. A smaller local move could only require 2 weeks. Also, if you have more lead time, you can usually obtain better pricing.

Q: What is the process for receiving an estimate for my move?
A: When you contact us, we will set up an appointment to either visit your home in person or virtually to determine your needs. We will then prepare a detailed estimate outlining our services and costs. Your Move Consultant will review this estimate with you and answer all your questions.

Q: How is the estimate calculated?
A: Charges are based on the weight of your shipment and the mileage. The weight is estimated based on the observed inventory during the visit to your home. There are additional charges for a variety of things such as packing, oversized items, and valuation (coverage). When your Move Consultant reviews your estimate, they will explain everything to you. This is the time to make sure you understand all the charges so be sure to ask any questions and clarify anything you are unsure of.

Q: Can I cancel or reschedule? Is there a penalty if I need to?
A: There is no penalty for cancelling or rescheduling. Please try to give us as much notice as possible. Rescheduling new dates is subject to availability.

Q: Can you deliver on the day I close on my new house, after the closing is finished?
A: Delivery usually takes a full day, so unless your closing is first thing in the morning, we would deliver the next day.

Q: What time are the movers showing up?
A: We’ll contact you late in the afternoon the day before the move to confirm an arrival time for the next morning and to answer any last-minute questions.

Q: How will bad weather affect my move?
A: Light rain – this is usually no problem. If the rain is heavier, the move will most likely go on as scheduled, but you should be prepared to keep your items as dry as possible. If you are using plastic tubs, this is easy. Larger items and furniture should be covered with plastic (shrink wrap, plastic sheeting, tarps, etc.).

Sleet and snow – you are responsible for clearing the driveway and walkways of snow and ice and making sure all paths are safe for the movers prior to their arrival at both your old home and your new location.

A more serious storm (blizzards, torrential rains, hurricanes, etc.) – we may have to reschedule your move. We will work with you to accommodate your needs as best as possible while maintaining the safety of you and our crew.

Q: When do I pay for the move and what forms of payment do you accept?
A: We accept bank checks or credit cards. If you wish to pay by credit card, before your move, we’ll send you a credit card form to fill out and return.

For local moves, we collect payment the day of the move. For long-distance moves, we’ll contact you in-between pick-up and delivery with the final charges once we know the actual weight and boxes packed. Credit cards must be authorized for the full charges in writing and must be charged in advance of delivery day. If paying on delivery day, we accept bank checks only. Payment is due prior to unloading.




Q: What is Valuation?
A: It is coverage for items that are lost, destroyed, or damaged during a move. Sterling offers 2 levels of coverage. Full information can be found on our Replacement Value Coverage page.

Q: Do you insure what is in the boxes?
A: Movers can only insure the items they pack themselves, unless the box itself is damaged. Many customers just have us pack their expensive TVs, artwork, glass table tops, and mirrors for this reason.

Q: What happens if the movers damage my house?
A: We arrange for qualified contractors to come out to your home and make reparations at no cost to you. It’s part of our general liability coverage.

Q: My building requires a Certificate of Insurance. Do you provide that?
A: We do. Just let us know the details, and we’ll email it to your building.


Packing and Furniture Moving


Q: Can I use plastic bins?
A: Absolutely, we move them all the time.

Q: I have a number of large and odd-shaped items. How do I pack them?
A: As a rule of thumb, if it fits in a box, it’s best that it goes in a box. This includes televisions, table lamps, pictures, and computers. Items like floor lamps, vacuum cleaners, ironing boards, and large planters are moved as-is.

Q: Will you move fixtures?
A: Permanently attached items you wish to move must be uninstalled from walls and ceilings. Examples include drapery rods, mirrors, shelves, light fixtures, chandeliers, and ceiling fans.

Q: Do you move houseplants?
A: Unfortunately, we are not allowed to move houseplants on long-distance moves. For local moves, we are happy to move them, but cannot be responsible for their condition on delivery.

Q: Can I leave my dresser drawers full?
A: Remove all breakable items that can spill from dresser drawers. Unless the dresser is oversized or delicate, soft items can usually be left in. Furniture pieces must often be tipped or turned in order to move them in or out of the residence.

Q: How should liquids be packed?
A: Carefully tape and seal any jars of non-hazardous liquids you do not wish to discard.

Q: Do I have to take apart my beds?
A: No, we disassemble and reassemble beds as part of our standard service. On rare occasions, certain beds may require a 3rd party technician.

Q: Do I have to disconnect my washer and dryer?
A: Yes. Because of liability reasons, our crews cannot disconnect or reconnect appliances, including water lines to icemakers or water dispensers. For front-loading washers, you will need to put the manufacturer’s shipping bolts in the drum, to prevent damage to the suspension mechanism. For an additional cost, we can have a 3rd party technician perform these services.

Q: If I take out the weights and pendulum from my grandfather clock, can you move it?
A: It’s the mechanism behind the clock face that makes grandfather clocks the #1 most delicate thing we move. In order to be covered by valuation, the mechanism behind the clock face needs to be disconnected, secured for transit, and reconnected and set up at your new home. For an additional cost, we can have a 3rd party technician perform these services. They will remove and replace the weights and pendulum also.

Q: Do you move cars?
A: Yes. We move cars, motorcycles, and ATVs. We have several options available. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Q: Is there anything you cannot move?
A: While we can move most things, it is illegal and unsafe for us to transport items that are flammable or explosive, like propane tanks or gas canisters. For more information see Items that Cannot be Transported.





Q: What should I tip the movers?
A: Tipping is solely at the customer’s discretion. Every move is different, so there is no average or formula. Our crews do not expect or demand tips, but they certainly appreciate them for a job well done.




If you don’t see the answer to your question, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help!

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