Moving Supervisors

We are looking for experienced supervisors for moving and modular furniture installations. In addition to the job requirements (see below), we are looking for individuals with strong interpersonal skills. The right person should feel comfortable dealing with customers in a professional, confident manner. We are a company that prides itself on customer service and quality work. As our representative at a customer site, it will be your job to address customer issues and concerns, respond to their needs in a positive way, and handle issues as they arise in a way that instills customer confidence and satisfaction.

We have full-time and part-positions available. 2 years of experience in the commercial moving and installation industry a plus.

Job Requirements:

• Maintain Sterling Corporation’s standards on all projects
• Maintain an excellent presence and a calm and professional demeanor despite external stressors or customer displeasure
• Be available for customers at all times
• Schedule and perform a walk-through with the customer contact to ensure 100% satisfaction on all projects
• Initiate and maintain seamless customer contact when job starts (upon handoff from dispatch coordinator)
• Supervise the execution of move projects to ensure quality & efficiency
• Upon arrival at the shop, obtain the day’s paperwork
• Make sure proper equipment is loaded onto trucks
• Assemble crew prior to departure in order to arrive to job site on time
• Upon arrival at the job site, perform a pre-job walk-through with the company contact
• Delegate tasks to crew members to efficiently and successfully execute the job
• Maintain an efficient pace, keeping all crew on task and working within time-constraints
• Perform a walk-through with company contact at the jobs-end in order to ensure all tasks have been performed in their entirety and to the customer’s satisfaction.
• Maintain constant communications with drivers, making sure all equipment is loaded back onto the truck and returned to the warehouse
• Record all crew members in attendance on the timesheet and accurately record hours worked

Personal Qualifications:
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
• Exceptional customer service skills
• Ability to lead by example
• Create a team based mentality
• Have a strong work ethic with excellent attendance
• Self-motivated & goal-oriented
• Ability to gauge individual crew member’s strengths and delegate tasks accordingly
• Highly organized
• Great ability to multi-task
• Ability to quickly and calmly assess and adapt to changing situations
• Attention to detail
• Must be at least 18 year of age

Respond via email to or contact Rick Sierra at 978-758-3556.

We strive to make Sterling a good place to work. To eligible employees, we offer a variety of benefits including; medical insurance, 401k match, paid holidays, and vacation time.

Sterling is an equal opportunity employer

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